Keep it in shape

If you want to keep your house in running order, you need an expert's advice. We supply a written report that will help you keep track of all those little problems. So when you're worried about keeping your investment in gym-dandy condition, don't sweat it: call us.

For We have what building owners and managers need most:

Expertise and objectivity

25 years of experience in the inspection and documentation of conditions in single, multi-family and light commercial buildings. This allows you to have an objective professional evaluate your buildings and develop repair or maintenance recommendations. After a scope of work is determined - you can then have an objective professional review the work in progress.

The ability to troubleshoot problems and prioritize necessary maintenance and repair.

The objectivity to evaluate residential and commercial rental units and document conditions when tenants move-in, move-out or in the event of a dispute or claim. This helps you save money and focus maintenance and repair dollars on areas with most need.

The expertise and objectivity to evaluate residential units for habitability issues and determine if habitability-related claims are founded or frivolous.

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