Don't buy a lemon

Your love affair with your new house may go sour if you've chosen it on visual "a-peel" alone. Chances are you don't know enough about what you're buying, unless you have an expert's advice. (If inflation is putting the squeeze on you...add our service as a contingency to your deposit receipt.)

We Inspect

Single-family residences

Multi-family buildings

Light-commercial buildings

A professional inspection encompasses the exposed and accessible components of the major systems and structural aspects of the building. These include heating, plumbing and electrical, the roofing, foundations and structure, as well as the interior and exterior surfaces.

Our inspection is designed to help you understand the systems and components present, their condition and, in many instances, how to maintain them to ensure maximum service life. We are also able to discuss upgrades that may be advisable as well as any significant defects that we may have discovered.

Buildings are complicated structures, consisting of numerous systems and thousands of inter-related components. Your satisfaction, initial investment and ongoing cost of maintenance, depend not only on the type and condition of the building's component parts, but also on your understanding of the building. Some conditions will be relatively easy for us to see and evaluate. Others will be beyond the scope of our inspection or expertise and require further evaluation by specially qualified experts.

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