Don't count your sale before it hatches

Sometimes you're scrambling for a sale and the buyer finds that your house isn't all it's cracked up to be. You may find yourself with egg on your face and an expensive delay in selling your home. Call us first...and you may find that the deal will go over easy.

For Sellers we offer:

A preview of what inspectors hired by potential buyers will find when they inspect your building.

Listing or pre-sale inspections help to minimize surprises, the primary source of transaction failure. Accurate disclosure regarding the condition of your property allows potential buyers to make more informed decisions, resulting in realistic offers. This helps the transaction run smoothly and increases the chance of a successful close of escrow. Properties with fewer unanswered questions often sell faster. Surprises arising after the buyer makes an offer often lead to delays and added negotiation.

Remember that almost all buildings have defects. Knowing these in advance enables you to obtain reasonable repair estimates from appropriate trade professionals and provide that information to the prospective buyers, or enable you to have some of these conditions corrected prior to listing the property for sale. Defect disclosure accompanied by cost-to-correct estimates by reputable trade professionals will often answer questions and defuse problems before they develop. The unknown is always more threatening and risky than a known condition or expense.

Preparing your building for an inspection

Before the inspection, make sure that the inspector has access to the following:

Electrical panels Heating equipment Water heaters Main water shut off Under-floor crawl space Attic access (remove clothes and other items if access is in a closet) Garage attic openings (remove items that impede access) Under-sink areas Ground-fault protected electrical outlets (remove or move appliances or other items that block access in garages, basements, workshops, etc.) Kitchen sinks (sinks should be empty) Fireplaces (remove plants, decorative items, etc. from in front of fireplaces and wood stoves.) Interior areas, garages, basements and yards (kennel, cage or otherwise remove pets that cannot be let out or that may harm the inspector or that may be harmed by the inspection. Locked items or areas (remove locks, unlock doors, or provide keys so that the inspector can open electrical main panels, subpanels, storerooms, etc.)

In addition, on the inspection day be sure all heating systems and water heaters are operational. Pilot lights should always be lit. If pilot lights and/or valves are off, the assumption will be that the appliances they serve are inoperable. Finally, relax, you've done all you can to make sure your home is shown to its best advantage.

There are additional things you can do to prepare your building for the inspector's visit that will make the process easier for the inspector and, as a result, less time consuming and disruptive for you.

Before the inspection, you should check the following:

Operate all plumbing and shut-off valves and outside hose bibs Operate all faucets, toilets, tubs and plumbing fixtures Check the air conditioner and heater units to make sure they are operating effectively Operate all thermostats Operate all exterior doors and representative interior doors and windows, making sure they open, close and lock Make sure all screens are in place Operate all built-in kitchen appliances Operate all light switches and make sure they are working Locate all operating manuals and warranties Make sure you have keys available for all locks

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